Send A Battle Pup to Someone Who Could Use Some Love and Encouragement

Send Someone A Battle Pup

Battle Pups are for anyone and everyone. Life can be hard and sometimes we could use a little love, hope, and encouragement. Let us know who we can send a Battle Pup to so they know they aren’t battling alone.

Official Way To Battle Birth Certificate

Register Your Battle Pup

If you have received a Battle Pup, that means someone loves you and wanted you to know it and feel encouraged.  When you register your Battle Pup you’ll get a custom birth certificate and we would love to feature you in our media if you want!

Entire Litter of Battle Pups

Meet the Entire Battle Pup Litter

We have over 20 Battle Pup breeds so we can send a unique Battle Pup to each member of a family (almost) no matter the size.  That’s because Battle Pups aren’t just for the person going through a hard thing, but they are for all effected by the hard thing.


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Your information

We need a little info about you in case we need to reach out and confirm information (generally shipping address issues) to make sure the Battle Pup(s) arrive without a problem.
Sometimes we have emails bounce back and then the Battle Pups don't make it if there is more info needed.

Who are we sending a Battle Pup(s) too?

Remember that Battle Pups are for anyone and everyone who could use some love and encouragement (think siblings, cousins, parents, classmates, co-workers, etc)!
Use a comma to separate multiple people
Every person nominated will receive a Battle Pup, so this is really just to help us pray for them and to try and choose the right Battle Pup for the situation/person.
***If we are sending to a hospital, assisted living, apartment, or mobile home, please use "Address Line 2" to provide the room/apartment/lot number so it can be delivered successfully.***
If the recipient asks, can we share who sent the Battle Pup?
Sometimes Battle Pup recipients will ask who nominated them so they can thank the sender. We are happy to share who loved them enough to send them something or to just share it was send anonymously with love.


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We're so happy you've received your Battle Pup!

This is just the beginning of your journey together! We'd love to hear about your battle and get your new friend officially registered to you. By registering your Battle Pup, you might be featured in our #WarriorWednesday on Facebook!
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