Is your school walking through a trauma?

Does your department help those in crisis?

Are you a position to reach those who are battling?

 Everyday we are forming new partnerships with schools, hospitals, first responders, counselors, case workers, and those on the front lines of the battle to help warriors who are walking a hard road. Our Battle Pups are known to help break down walls and start conversations. They are a tangible reminder to the warrior holding them that they aren’t facing their battle alone, but rather their battle is seen, known, and felt. And most importantly, that they have been armed with strength for whatever hard days they are walking through. 

So whether it is grief, loss, depression, trauma, anxiety, divorce, illness, injuries, assault, you name it, we want to help. 

Way to Battle and Battle Pups are here to come alongside your school, department, or office to make sure no one battles alone. Fill out the form below to request Battle Pups and begin a parntership with us today. 

We love to share our story and our hearts.

Contact Way To Battle to come speak at your school, church, or event. We also can coordinate a service project or outreach opportunity.

Just a few of our speaking topics include:


  • Words matter
  • Overcoming fear
  • Words cost nothing
  • Breaking strongholds
  • Give first. Receive later.
  • Finding joy by being joy
  • Hope in the broken road
  • The importance of kindness
  • Allowing our pain to change the world